My Life

Hi there and welcome to my blog!

My name is Ben and I’m going to be sharing lots of things about me and my daily life.

So first, here’s a quick film review:

Mando was kind enough to point us in the direction of an Alpha Dog review that seems to finally hit the nail on the head. Not meaning that it’s a positive review, just that for once it’s not focused on only certain aspects of the film. Here’s a snippet of what you can find, to read the entire article visit The Movies Made Me Do It. Thanks again Mando!

When a film’s release date is pushed back, that usually spells disaster. Typically, that means the film has to undergo re-shoots or re-edits, and that is usually a terrible thing for a motion picture. Just ask the negative buzz that attacked “All the King’s Men” this past year when it was finally released. “Alpha Dog”, however, is a different story. Legally, the film could not be released. Why? Because the actual person on which the central character in the film is based was finally apprehended in 2005, and his lawyers prevented the film from being released, arguing that it was bias the opinion of his client, a drug-dealing murderer. I understand the legal precedent and don’t argue with their decision to hault the release of the film for a little while. Only last week did a judge finally rule that the film could finally be released, only days before it actually was released.